Publications: Journals And Proceedings


  • Year 2017   

1. Soh Kheang Loh, Kah Yein Cheong, Jumat Salimon. 2017. Surface-active physicochemical characteristics of spent bleaching earth on soil-plant interaction and water nutrient uptake: A review. Applied Clay Science 140: 59-65.

  • Year 2015   

1. Soh Kheang Loh, Kah Yein Cheong, Yuen May Choo, Jumat Salimon. 2015. Formulation and optimization of spent bleaching earth- based bio organic fertiliser. Journal of Oil Palm Research 27 (1): 57-66. MPOB Best Publication Award 2015

  • Year 2014   

1. Soh Kheang Loh, Stephen James, Muzzamil Ngatiman, Kah Yein Cheong, Yuen May Choo, Weng Soon Lim. 2013. Enhancement of palm oil refinery waste – spent bleaching earth (SBE) into bio organic fertilizer and their effects on crop biomass growth. Industrial Crops and Products 49: 775-781. MPOB Gold Medal Award 2014

2. Sieng-Huat Kong, Soh-Kheang Loh, Robert Thomas Bachmann, Sahibin Abdul Rahim & Jumat Salimon. 2014. Biochar from oil palm biomass: A review of its potential and challenges. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 39: 729-739. [Impact factor: 6.798 (2015); MPOB Best Publication Award 2014]

3. Nur Atiqah binti Md Sungif, Dayang Hartijah binti Abang Ahmad and Jayakaran Mukundan. 2014 Evaluation of Malaysian Primary English Language Textbooks (2014)


  • Year 2016   

Dayang Hartijah Abang Ahmad, Moomala Othman and Maryam Jahedi
Capturing Pre-Service Teachers’ Development through Service-Learning (2016)