2nd Convocation Ceremony 2017

Date:       7th October, 2017 (Saturday)

Time:      08:00 am – 12:00 pm

Venue:   RH Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak

Tracy Study and UCTS Exit Surveys:
Graduates are required to complete the following online surveys from 13th September to 13th October, 2017:
a) Tracer Study Survey – log in to http://graduan.mohe.gov.my/v/
b) UCTS Exit Survey – log in to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PWVV5NV

Note: Graduates are required to present printed tracer study slip upon robe / scroll collection.

If you have any queries concerning the convocation, please contact the person in charge as follows or email us at convo@ucts.edu.my:

Mdm. Fizzahutiah Binti Taha
Tel. : (+6) 084-367334

Thank you for your attention and cooperation!

UCTS Graduation Dinner
All graduates are cordially invited to join the dinner.
Date: 7th October, 2017 (Saturday)  
Time: 7:30 pm  
Venue: Tanahmas Hotel
Dress Code: Lounge Suit (for men) / Formal Dress (for ladies)

* More than 30 awards to be distributed (Industry Excellence Awards, Book Prize Award, LEAd)
* Performance series, photo booth and etc
* RM50 will be deducted from your academic deposit

For any inquiries regarding the dinner, please contact Mr. David (084-367376) or Mr. Riyad (084-367377) of Student Development & Services Department.