About CQA

Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) was formed in 2013 under the supervision of the first Director, Professor Datin Dr. Napsiah Ismail to oversee, manage, facilitate, monitor and report on the development of academic programmes and enhance the roles of supporting departments towards ensuring high quality delivery of education in UCTS. In 2019, Assoc Professor Dr. Rabuan took over the directorship of CQA and continued with the tradition. Centre for Quality Assurance is committed to ensure continuous quality improvement and high quality of teaching and learning through its vision, mission and principles

UCTS academic programmes have been developed in close collaboration with the industries and based on industrial needs. Initially, UCTS started with four schools and offered only six academic programmes, two at foundation levels and four at undergraduate levels. These are Foundations in Art and Foundation in Science under the School of Foundation Studies. The School of Business and Management offered Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Accountancy, while the School of Engineering and Technology offered Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical and Electronic and Civil Engineering. The School of Built Environment initially only offered Bachelor of Quantity Surveying.

In 2014, more Bachelor programmes were offered including Architecture, Network Computing, Software Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In 2015, Electrical Engineering and Food Technology were offered. A new Bachelor programme, Wood Products Processing was offered starting September 2018. 

The School of Postgraduate Studies was formed in 2016, marking a huge milestone for UCTS, whereby five postgraduate programmes were introduced, two at PhD level by research and two at Master level by research, of which both are under Business Management and Engineering. Master in Business Management was offered through coursework in 2016. In 2018, two more Master by coursework were offered – Master of Project Management and Master of Architecture. In 2019, two more Research programmes were offered – Master of Science in Applied Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Sciences.

Currently UCTS offers 22 programmes under six schools and three new programmes are still pending either MQA Provisional Accreditation or MOHE’s License approval. The six schools and programmes currently offered and will be offered are as follows:

Currently 13 programmes have been fully accredited, one programme is still awaiting for full accreditation, and the rests are still under provisional accreditation.

UCTS is also currently collaborating with five universities in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia to offer Articulation Degree Programme.