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Mohamed Azmi Ramli
Position:  Head Of Academic Affairs & Registry
Extension:   341
Email:  azmi
Aspa Aida Bt Mohamad
Position:  Senior Executive
Unit:  Registry & Academic Relations
Extension:   339
Email:  aspa.aida
Fizzahutiah Bt Taha
Position:  Executive
Unit:  Examination and Convocation 
Extension:   334
Email:  fizzahutiahtaha
Ambari Bin Osman
Position:  Executive
Unit:  Admission & Records
Extension:  342
Email:  ambari
Peony Upang Anak Jelani
Position: Admin Asisstant
Unit: Examination and Convocation
Extension:  335
Email: peony 
Nadiaizzati Binti Mohammad
Position:  Admin Asisstant
Unit:  Admission & Records
Extension:   338
Email:  nadiaizzati
Sabrina bt Bahrin
Position:  Senior Clerk
Unit:  Admission & Records
Extension:   337
Email:  Sabrina
Mohammad Nurazrie Bin Annuar
Position:  Senior Clerk
Unit:  Examination and Convocation
Extension:   335
Email:  nurazrie
Zurana Ak Eba
Position:  Clerk
Unit:  Admission & Records
Extension:   336
Email:  Zurana