Letter of Understanding (LoU) signing with Electrical Association of Sarawak & Sabah (EASS)

Date:  17th July, 2016

Venue:  Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Delegates From

  • UCTS:  Prof. Dato’ Dr.Sabarudin Mohd, Mr Kee Keh Ki (Senior Lecturer)
  • EIU:  En. Fauzi Shahab (Director of Electrical Inspectorate Unit)
  • EASS:  Mr Hii Hua Chuon (Chairman), Mr Young Leh Huang (secretary)

Objectives of the LoU signing

  • To develop collaboration in technical education and competency training programmes
  • To promote Wireman and Chargeman programs to the public and members of Electrical Association of Sarawak and Sabah (EASS)
  • To produce skilled and competent workers for SCORE project

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