International Seminar and Joint Tourism Marketing Course in Indonesia

Date: 24th July – 31st July, 2017

Venue: Politeknik Negeri Samarinda (POLNES) East Kalimatan, Indonesia

Four of our Bachelor Of Accountancy programme students (Lim Chong Leong, Wong Ing Chi, Tang Tsiao Hui and Alison Cheng Chin Ling ) participated in the International Seminar and Joint Tourism Marketing Summer Course and Community Engagement in POLNES, East Kalimatan Indonesia for a duration of eight days. Two of our academic staff (Assoc Prof Dr. Ramli and Dr. Winnie) went with them for the signing of MOU between UCTS and POLNES. Besides UCTS’ students, five students from Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT) China and twelve students from POLNES Indonesia also participated in the course.


  • To encourage student exchange program between different countries. As a starting point of cooperation between POLNES and UCTS, MOU was signed between UCTS and POLNES
  • To promote the culture of Kalimantan Timur (KALTIM) and exchanging cultural knowledge between the countries involved