International Students Application Procedure

UCTS welcomes students from all around the world.  We offer guidance throughout their stay in Sibu, Sarawak ensuring students experience exceptional learning environment, and rich cultural diversity while at the same time preparing them to be highly employable graduates through our strong industry links.

To check entry requirements using an overseas qualification, kindly email

Overall Application Process

1. Get ready these documents

  • Previous academic transcripts/results
  • English proficiency test results (e.g. IELTS)
  • Passport sized photos with white background
  • Copy of Identity Card (translated & original copy)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (translated & original copy)
  • Copy of passport with minimum 1 year validity (including front and used pages)
  • Course syllabus (for Diploma holders only)

* All documents that are not in English must be certified and translated by the notary

 2.Download and complete the application form

The forms can be downloaded here.

3. Email the completed application form together with the required documents

Double check all the documents before submission. Email the completed application forms and all the required documents to

4. Receive your offer letter via email

UCTS Centre for International Relations (CIR) will notify and email the applicant regarding the admission decision.

Read through all the information in the offer pack carefully.  UCTS Centre for International Relations (CIR) will assist in the application of Student Pass/Visa.

1. Complete the following offer pack:

a. Acceptance Letter
b. International Students Medical Examination Form
c. Personal Financial Information Form
d. Family Information Form
e. Airport Pick-up Form
f. Hostel Application Form
g.Refund Policy Form
h.Student Declaration Form of International Student Handbook

2. Email & courier the completed documents listed in (1) above

Double check all documents before submission.  Courier the completed offer pack together with the original application form and the required documents to the following address:

Centre for International Relations (CIR)
University College of Technology Sarawak
No. 1, Jalan Universiti
96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Tel: +60 84-367300
Fax: +60 84-367301

Scan a copy of all the documents before courier for your own record and safekeeping in case we do not receive your courier.

3. Getting Student Visa

Sarawak has different immigration policies that need to be complied with on top of the Malaysian immigration policies.
a. UCTS Centre for International Relations will proceed to apply for Student Pass after receiving the offer acceptance documents (lead time – 8 weeks).
b. Once the Student Pass is approved by the Sarawak State Immigration Department, UCTS Centre for International Relations will email and courier the Visa Approval Letter to the applicant.
c. Applicant can then use the VAL to apply for a Single Entry Visa at the designated Malaysian Embassy.
d. The applicant can arrange to travel to Malaysia once received the Single Entry Visa
f. UCTS Centre for International Relations will bring the application to Sibu Immigration Office to obtain the multiple entry Student Pass after arriving to UCTS