• UCTS Research Grants

UCTS Research Grants Application form (UCTS-QA-R/APPLY) can be downloaded from OCULUS, our official portal.


  1. Log In > Academic Tab > Upload/Download Documents (under Academic Management)
  2. The completed form can be submitted to the Centre for Research & Development at Level 2, Administration Block.

* University research grant applications are open all year round for all academic staff.

  • MyGRANTS (Grants provided by the Ministry of Higher Education, MoHE)

The applicants need to have the Malaysian Greater Research Network System (MyGRANTS) account in order to apply for the grant.  Please go to this link:$NAMESPACE=MYGRANT to sign up.  Please take note that the applicant can only log in after the verification is done by the Centre for Research & Development.

* The guidelines for research grants schemes are available at