Campus Facilities

The University campus is still undergoing a process of development since its construction started in September 2013.  Both Phase 1 and 2 of the university facilities are now ready and being used by the students and staff.  The available facilities are:

  • Block 1 :  Civil Engineering Centre consisting of three Civil Eng Labs, four Classrooms, one Physics Lab and one Chemistry Lab
  • Block 2 :  Electrical / Electronics Centre consisting of two Electrical Labs, two Electronics Labs and three Classrooms
  • Block 3 :  Administration Centre consisting of the Chancellory, Admin, Finance, Human Capital, Academic Registrar, and Marketing & Corporate Dept.
  • Block 4 :  Built Environment Centre consisting of two Lecture Theatres (each 190 seating capacity), Exhibition Hall, two Design Studios, two Classrooms and one QS Lab
  • Block 5 :  Mechanical Engineering Centre consisting of five classrooms, three computer labs and seven Mech Eng Labs
  • Block 6 :  Deans & Lecturers Office, iLed Centre and ICT Office
  • Block 7 :  Management Science and General Studies Centre consisting of four computer labs, six classrooms and one Lecture Theatre (390 seating capacity)
  • Block 8 :  Engineering Centre consisting of the Heavy Structure Lab, Environmental Lab and Electrical Power Lab
  • Block 9 :  Food Technology Centre
  • Block 10: Classrooms and Lecturers Office
  • Block 11:  Library (560 seating capacity)
  • Block 12: Student & Recreation Centre consisting of the Cafeteria, Surau, Student Affairs, Counselling Area, Gym, Student Clubs and Shops