Student Accommodation

UCTS provides affordable hostel facilities to its students.  Priorities will however be given to students from outstation.  UCTS’ hostel called Unicity UCTS Hostel, located at UniCity, is within walking distance to UCTS campus.  Various type of rooms are available that meet your budget.  Click here for more information about the hostel fees and facilities.

Unicity UCTS Hostel

Unicity Hostel located at Jalan Wawasan, Sibu (next to the Sg. Merah Police Station) is a new accommodation for UCTS students. Situated in a commercial centre, about 1.5 km from UCTS Campus, the hostel can accommodate about 460 students.  Click to view the hostel photos gallery.

Note:  If you have any questions, please contact David Ling at 084-367376 or email address: [email protected]