Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Hons)

[N/581/6/0051] [5/19] [MQA/PA4450]


Programme Overview   |  中文

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Hons) is a 3- year programme leading to a qualification equivalent to Part 1 of the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM). The programme has received MQA accreditation and approval from the Board of Architects Malaysia.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Graduates will achieve sufficient sub-professional knowledge and skills in sync with appropriate attitude to succeed in build environment field.
  • Graduates will acquire abilities for effective architectural communication, collaborative working in multi-disciplinary diverse teams, and continuous development through professional involvement.
  • Graduates will keep up with current issues of architectural practice, pursue further studies and lifelong learning.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon completion of this programme, students should have:

  1. Ability to understand and value the influences of history, theory, cultural context, legislation, technology and environment on architectural practices.
  2. Ability to possess the required knowledge and skills to examine and critically respond to the complex relationships between humans and their natural and built environments.
  3. Ability to understand, develop and successfully apply architectural design strategies that are responsive to clients’ needs with regard to the formal and functional organisation of the program.
  4. Ability to demonstrate skills required in meeting people and multi-disciplinary networking.
  5. Ability to demonstrate effectively both as an individual and in a group with necessary architectural communication, leadership and team skills.
  6. Ability to recognise the value and potential of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking for effective architectural practices & management.
  7. Ability to demonstrate obligations, status, ethical behaviour, and role as a member of an established architectural profession.
  8. Ability to integrate knowledge of information technologies, building technologies, environmental design, or construction methods on design of building, legislation, codes of practice, or health and safety.

Programme Structure and Synopsis

Entry Requirements

  • Pass STPM /A-Level with full pass in two (2) subjects and SPM/O-level credit in Mathematics; or
  • Pass UEC with five (5) Grade B’s including Mathematics; or
  • Pass Matriculation / Pre-U/ Foundation from recognised institutions with minimum CGPA 2.0 including Mathematics; or
  • Pass Diploma in related fields from recognised institutions with minimum CGPA 2.0; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government; and
  • SPM/O-level pass in Visual Arts / Pass UCTS Portfolio Assessment / Interview

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