University Courses Unit Academic & Administrative Staff

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DrAnitaDr. Anita Bt. Rosli
Position:  Head of MPU & UCS Programme,
Head of University Courses Unit and Senior Lecturer
Phone:  084-367503
Email:  anitarosli
Qualifications:  PhD Agricultural Development Policy (UPM),
Master of Economics Development (UPM),
Bachelor of Social Science (Development, Planning, & Management) (UNIMAS)
NadiraNadira binti Abdul Rahman
Position:  Lecturer
Phone:  084-367559
Email:  nadira
Qualifications:  Master of Science (Human Resource Development) UNIMAS, Bachelor of Arts (English Language), UPM
DayangazirahDayang Nazirah binti Awang Sihat
Position:  Lecturer
Phone:  084-367522
Email:  nazirah
Qualifications:  Bachelor of Arts (Malay Language and Linguistics) UPM, Master of Malay Language UPM
JemieJemie Ak Menchol @ Jimmy
Position:  Lecturer
Phone:  084-367520
Email:  emie.menchol
Qualifications:  Master in Business Administration (UNIMAS); Bachelor in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) (Hons) Open University
nurzalikhaNurzalikha Binti Sa’adi
Position:  Lecturer
Phone:  084-367512
Email:  nurzalikha
Qualifications: Master of Science (Built Environment), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Bachelor of Science (Hons) Construction Management, (UiTM), Diploma in Building, (UiTM)
NabillahNabillah binti Bolhassan
Position: Lecturer
Phone:  084-367521
Email: nabillah
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Malay Language & Linguistic), UPM
Stephanie Anak Larry Daniel
Position:  Lecturer
Phone:  084-367558
Email:  stephanie
Qualifications:  Masters in Education (Educational Management and Leadership), Bachelor of Education (TESL)
Maximus Balla Tang
Position:  Lecturer
Email:  maximus
Qualifications: Corporate Master in Business Administration, UNIMAS, Bachelor in Education (Hons), Unitar 

Ho Mei Chen
Position: Senior Clerk 
Phone:  084-367562
Email:  meichen