Opportunity for Master/PhD Graduate Research Assistantship

We are looking for a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) to work on a project (related to prebiotic potential from Malaysian seaweed) which is funded by Ministry of Education, Malaysia under Fundamental Research Grant Scheme.  Monthly stipend is provided.

Employment Status:  Full-Time (2 years for Master degree; 3 years for PhD degree)


  1. Possess a Bachelor/Master’s Degree in relevant fields (such as Biotechnology, Food Science, Food Technology and Applied Sciences) which is related to this project
  2. Willingness to register with University College of Technology Sarawak for its full-time PhD/Master programme
  3. Possess a genuine passion for research and able to work independently
  4. Laboratory hands-on experience and skills in handling HPLC/cell culture works is highly preferred
  5. Good communication skills and proficient in both written and spoken English
  6. Commencement: December 2019


How To Apply:

Interested candidates should email their CV to:

Assoc Prof Ts Dr Hii Siew Ling (hiisl@ucts.edu.my)
School of Postgraduate Studies,
University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS),
Sibu, Sarawak.

Any informal inquiries can be directed to the email as well.

For further information regarding UCTS’ Postgraduate Programme, please refer to the link below: