Accredited Certification Programmes

List of Accredited Certification Programmes

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  • School of Foundation Studies (SFS):
MQA – Foundation in Arts

MQA – Foundation in Science
  • School of Engineering and Technology (SET):
MQA – Bachelor of Civil Engineering
MQA – Bachelor of Engineering Technology  in Electrical and Electronic
MQA – Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
MQA – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

MQA – Bachelor of Food Technology
Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) – Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Engineering Accreditation Council – Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Engineering Accreditation Council – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Built Environment (SBE):
MQA – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Board of Architects Malaysia – Bachelor of Science in Architecture

PAQS – Bachelor of Quantity Surveying
  • School of Business and Management (SBM):
MQA – Bachelor of Accountancy

MQA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM):
MQA – Bachelor of Computer Science in Software Engineering


  • School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS):
MQA – Master of Business Administration