MOHE/MQA Recognition, Approvals & Accreditation


UCTS is pleased to announce that all its programmes are recognized, approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).  UCTS’ programmes are due for full accreditation when the first cohort of students of each programme reaches its final semester.  A few of UCTS’ programmes have already received MQA’s Full Accreditation, and the rest have also been granted Provisional Accreditation.  UCTS is confident to receive Full Accreditation for all its programmes when they are due.

Approval by MOHE and MQA Provisional Accreditation – What does this mean?
All of UCTS’ programmes must be approved by MOHE before it can be conducted.  This is a requirement under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996.  All of UCTS’ programmes have also obtained MQA Provisional Accreditation prior to the commencement of the programmes.  Having Provisional Accreditation means that the programme has met the minimum MQA requirements for UCTS to start conducting the programme.

MQA Full Accreditation/MQR/ PSD Recognition:
When a programme obtains full accreditation by MQA and it would be registered under the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR).  All programmes listed in the MQR are recognised by the Public Service Department (PSD / JPA).  Graduates with MQA recognised degrees can proceed with their post-graduate studies in the Public Higher Education Institutions (PHEI) if they wish to do so.

How does MQA carry out the accreditation process?
Generally, a programme will be considered due for accreditation when the first cohort students are at the final or 2nd last semester of the programme.  The MQA Panel Assessors will then proceed to carry out the audit of that particular programme.  Upon complying with all the MQA requirements, MQA will inform UCTS that Full Accreditation has been granted to that particular programme.

What is Provisional Accreditation?
It is an exercise by MQA to determine whether a programme has met the minimum quality requirements to start conducting the programme.

What is Full Accreditation?
It is an assessment exercise by MQA (with Professional Bodies if required by the programme) to ascertain that the teaching, learning and all other related activities of a programme provided by a higher education provider has met the quality standards and in compliance with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF).


(Please use the name University College of Technology Sarawak instead of UCTS when searching for the MQA full accreditation listings)

(Please use the name University College of Technology Sarawak” instead of “UCTS when searching for the MQA provisional accreditation listings)