There are several scholarships available to students at UCTS.  Click here to download the full list of financial assistance.

  • UCTS Foundation Sponsorship

It is a three-tier financial assistance to assist students entering Foundation Programes at UCTS.  The tiers are determined by the SPM result or its equivalent.

To be eligible for the sponsorship, students must meet one of the following criteria:

(i)  Tier 1 (4A & above) –> Free Tuition & Hostel Fees


(ii)  Tier 2 (2A, 2B, 1C & above) –> Free Tuition Fees


(iii) Tier 3 (5C & Above) –> 50% Tuition Fees

How to Apply

(a)  Candidates must first apply to join the UCTS Foundation Programme.

(b)  Successful applicants  will receive the Sponsorship Application form together with the Offer Letter.

(c)  Submit the Sponsorship Application Form during registration with UCTS.




  • Board of Directors’ Scholarship (BDS)

To be eligible for the BDS scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  (i)  Enrolled into UCTS degree programmes from the year 2017 onwards

 (ii)  Family income does not exceed RM 8,000 per month

(iii)  Are not receiving other scholarships

(iv)  Academic results must meet the entry requirements as shown in the table below:

Scholarship Amount and Criteria
Scholarship Award (per semester)  RM 1,750   RM 1,250  RM 750
Entry Qualifications *      
Foundation / Matric
 CGPA >=3.5  CGPA >=3.0; <3.5  CGPA >=2.5; <3.0
STPM / A-level  2 A’s & above  1 A  2 B’s
UEC  3 A’s & above  2 A’s  1 A
Continuing Study      
Grade Point Average (GPA) of previous full semester CGPA >=3.5 &
Silver LeAD points
CGPA >=3.0; <3.5 &
Silver LeAD points
CGPA >=2.5; <3.0 &
Silver LeAD points
* terms and conditions apply


  • Yayasan Sarawak

Students from Sarawak can apply for the various schemes offered under Yayasan Sarawak.  Click on the below “Apply Here” button for more information.




  • Toh Li Hua Foundation Scholarships

Students from Sarawak accepted for study (Foundation and Undergraduate level) and registered with UCTS can apply for financial assistance offered by the Toh Li Hua Foundation. Application forms for UCTS students are available at UCTS Student Development & Services Department.

Toh Li Hua Foundation is a Sarawak based philanthropic organisation founded in 2016 by the Chairman and Managing Director of Hock Peng Organisation, Datuk Toh Chiew Hock and his beloved wife Datin Lau Ai Lang. The Foundation is in memory of Miss Toh Li Hua, the late elder sister of Datuk Toh Chiew Hock.

The primary objective of the Toh Li Hua Foundation is to provide scholarships to the needy students of Sarawak to undertake their tertiary education, especially at UCTS, the hometown of Datuk Toh’s family – Sibu.  Application for the the scholarships is open to all eligible students of Sarawak, regardless of racial, cultural, or religious background.

For more information on the Toh Li Hua Foundation, please download the document provided below:

Download Toh Li Hua Foundation Brochure (pdf)


  • Nangka Sponsorship

Eligibility criteria:

  (i)  Both parents of the applicant must be voters in the Nangka Constituency (N49)

 (ii)  Applicant must be a full-time Foundation student

(iii)  Applicant must maintain minimum CGPA 2.00 every semester, failing which the sponsorship will be withdrawn

(iv)  Monthly income of applicant’s parents must not be more than RM 3,000. 00


  • Yu Chee Hoe And Lee Kwan Charitable Trust (YCHLK Scholarship)

    (Open for application from April – May of the year)

Eligibility criteria:

  (i)  Open to all IPTA/IPTS students in Sarawak

  (ii)  Full time degree students

  (iii) Min CGPA 3.0 for current 1st, 2nd or 3rd year university students

  (iv) Min CGPA 3.0 Matriculation/ Diploma/ A level/ Foundation studies

  (v)  Family income below RM5K /month.

  (vi) Not recipient of any scholarship

  (vii) Cover tuition fees & hostel fees

  (viii) Outstanding extra -curricular record will have advantage

  (ix)  Achieve & maintain CGPA 3.0 in examination

To apply, click on this link.


  • Yayasan Bank Rakyat Scholarship (PPBU)

    (Open for application from July 10th, 2017 – October 9th, 2017)

Eligibility criteria:

  (i) Must be a Malaysian student qualified to do full-time Bachelor’s Degree, Masters or PHD 

 (ii) Open to the poor and underprivileged Malaysians regardless of race  

(iii) For Degree, applicants must hold a Diploma

OR STPM with CGPA 3.0 and above OR  STAM equivalent to STPM

OR Matriculation / Foundation Study of at least CGPA 3.00 and above.  

(iv) For Masters Degree, applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA of 3.00 and above

(v) For Doctorate / PhD, the qualified applicants must hold a Masters Degree qualification with CGPA of 3.00 and above


  • Interhill – PETIPUN Scholarship / Grant

Eligibility criteria:

  (i)  Open to Penans only

 (ii)  Applicant is evaluated not only based on academic achievements, but also on non-academic achievements and other qualitative values


Note:  For further assistance, please contact Miss Fadhilah, Students Development & Services, via email address: OR call 084-367300 ext 375.