Architecture Design Workshop 2015

Date:  25-27 September, 2015

School of Built Environment (Architecture) collaborated with Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia Sarawak Chapter (PAMSC) to organize a 24-hour design workshop.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To explore the idea of architecture as pedagogy and affordance in architectural design.
  • To develop a framework for architectural strategies and design initiatives.
  • To encourage KLT students to pursue their degree at UCTS as part of continuing their architectural education.

A total of 6 practicing architects from Kuching led and conducted the design workshop in the form of a vertical studio based on the theme of “Architecture as Pedagogy”. They were Ar. Wee Hii Min, Ar. Sia Peh Swee, Ar. Chai Si Yong, Ar. Ng Chee Wee, Ar. Leong Pik Shia, and Ms. Goh Tze Hui.

This event was held in the Design Studio B & C, School of Built Environment block.  A total of 114 students joined the workshop consisting of 49 students from UCTS  and 65 students from KLT. They were formed into 19 groups whereby each group has 6 persons.

The workshop leaders, 6 architects, 3 lecturers from UCTS (Mr. Muhammad Oliver Ensor Silini, Mr. Andy Wong & Ms. Wong Lin Sze) and 2 KLT lecturers worked hand in hand to guide and lead students to produce a brainstorming ideas of design within 24 hours.