Human Trafficking Talk by Sarawak Immigration Office

Date:   12th March, 2018

SBM invited officers from Immigration Department of Malaysia Sarawak to give a brief educational talk on human trafficking. The talk was attended by 80 students and 10 academic staff. 

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing activities of trans-national criminal organizations and it can have huge implications for the families, economies and countries. It involves the selling and buying of human organs, with or without the victims’ consent.


  • To disseminate information from the experts regarding their knowledge on the latest developments in trans-national crimes.
  • To provide awareness to the students on the risks of human trafficking and its preventive measures. 
Group photo of participants with TPPT Wan Haladin and TPPI Sonnia from Sarawak Immigration Office
TPPT Wan Haladin Wan Bujang, Immigration Officer from UTC Sibu, delivered his talk
TPPI Sonnia Geoffrey Agod, Immigration Officer from Kuching Enforcement office, delivered her talk
Dr. Zainal presented honorarium to TPPI Sonnia
Dr. Azlan presented honorarium to TPPT Wan Haladin