SBM Championship

Date:  Apr, 2019

SBM Championship was a group project organized by the students attending Leadership course and it was led by the lecturer, Mdm. Evelyn Toh.  Leadership skills is essential in workplace environment. As future executives and managers, students of this course ought to grasp certain level of leadership capabilities and knowledge. Competitions included PUBG Mobile game competition, badminton competition, mini games, treasure hunt, and food challenge had received active student participation. Prize giving ceremony was held on 10th May, 2019.


  • To provide valuable exposure and knowledge on leadership skills
  • To enhance communication skills and teamwork
  • To enhance social, personal and emotional development of students


Big Eater Challenge
Badminton Competition
Students posed with Evelyn Toh and Mr. Lau, HOP of BBA programme, at the Prize Giving Ceremony