School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM)

A significant milestone has been achieved in the development of our school through a broader and more encompassing mission and objective. Recognizing the importance of seamlessly interweaving form and function in today’s increasingly consumerized world, our aptly renamed School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM) underscores the integral role that design and media plays in delivering a user experience that can make or break an organization’s products and services.

First established in June 2014, our school was founded to address the rapidly changing demands of the new technology-driven industrial landscape by offering a teaching-and-learning environment that can prepare today’s and tomorrow’s professionals with sufficient depth and breadth of technical and management skills. Our programmes’ philosophy focuses on equipping students with the fundamental knowledge and thinking skills to “learning how to learn”, rather than just the ability to gain and regurgitate knowledge.

To keep abreast with the fast expanding field of digital technology and the key role that design plays in today’s products and services, SCM is currently offering two undergraduate degree programmes:

In both programmes, strong elements of team work, communication skills, work ethics, entrepreneurial acumen, green-awareness and social responsibility are provided to groom graduates fittingly for their professional career, whether as computing specialists working in big IT corporations, or as entrepreneurs offering industrial design services.

Join us in learning, exploring and advancing new exciting frontiers of the digital and creative design world.

Ts. Dr. Alan Ting Huong Yong
Dean, School of Computing and Creative Media
Phd (MMU)