School of Computing & Creative Media Academic Staff @ Industrial Design

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Ts. Dr. Alan Ting Huong Yong
Position: Dean & Director of DRAC
Extension: 428
Email: alan.ting
Qualifications: PhD (MMU)
Research Interest: Computer Vision, Soft Computing, 3D Imaging
Affiliation: MBOT, BEM, IEM

Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Abong Abdullah
Position: Head of Programme & Associate Professor
Extension: 529
Email: muhammad.firdaus
Qualifications: PhD, MSc, Loughborough University UK
Research Interest: Design for Modularity, Product/Industrial Design, Design Management
Affiliation: Malaysian Design Council (Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia) (1-A-000375)

Barbara Anak Dieo
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 513
Email: barbara
Qualifications: Master of Arts (Design Management), UNIMAS
Research Interest: Grassroots Innovation, Design Management Process

Khatijah Binti Hanapi
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 585
Email: khatijah
Qualifications: Master of Arts (Industrial Design) & Bachelor of Applied Arts (Honours) in Design Technology, UNIMAS
Research Interest: Product Personality & Service Design
Affiliation: Malaysia Design Council (1-A-000441)

Ahmad Lutfee Bin Mohd Lasa
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 477
Email: lutfee
Qualifications: Master of Design Technology (Industrial Design)
Research Interest: Design Thinking, Design Making, Design Education, Design Intervention
Affiliation: MBOT (GT18120249), PEREKA (IDE 00070)