School of Computing & Creative Media Academic Staff @ Computer Science

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Ts. Dr. Alan Ting Huong Yong
Position: Dean & Director of DRAC
Extension: 428
Email: alan.ting
Qualifications: PhD (MMU)
Research Interest: Computer Vision, Soft Computing, 3D Imaging
Affiliation: MBOT, BEM, IEM

Dr. Bakri Madon
Position: Associate Professor

Extension: 430
Email: drbakri
Qualifications: PhD (University College London, UK)
Research Interest: Smart Grid, Green IT
Affiliation: IEEE (Malaysia Chapter)

Dr. Chew Kim Mey
Position: Head of Programme & Senior Lecturer
Extension: 427
Qualifications: PhD Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM))
Research Interest: Ontology Learning (enhancement, information extraction, data analysis), Biomedical Engineering (CST simulation, diseases detection-tumor), Phantom Development (dielectric properties of human organ and tumor), Signal Processing (microwave signal, s-parameters), Image Processing (medical images).
Affiliation: MIEEE

Dr. Tariq Zaman
Position: Associate Professor
Extension: 520
Email: tariqzaman
Qualifications: PhD (Computer Science), UNIMAS
Research Interest: Co-Design, Rural Informatics and ICT4D
Affiliation: Board of Engineers Malaysia (Graduate Member)

Dr. Yiiong Siew Ping
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 478
Qualifications: PhD in Computational Science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Master of Science in Computer Science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.
Research Interest: Theory and Computation of Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling of Dynamical Systems

Ts. Gary Loh Chee Wyai
Position: Deputy Director of CEPD,
Head of Research, Advanced Centre on Sustainable Socio-Economic Development & Senior Lecturer
Extension: 503
Email: gary
Qualifications: Master of Science in Computer Science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Research Interest: Information and Communications Technology for Rural Development (ICT4RD), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Multimodal Speech and Sketch Interaction, Project Management
Affiliation: Internet Society Malaysia Chapter Membership

Ts. Daniel Tan Yong Wen
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 432
Email: danieltan
Qualifications: Master of Science in Computer Science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Research Interest: Knowledge Management, Visualization Methods, Semantic Technology
Affiliation: ACM Professional Membership

Nancy ak Bundan
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 433
Email: nancy.bundan
Qualifications: Master of Science in Computer Science, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Research Interest: Energy efficient routing algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network, Computer network architecture and communication system

Chang Wui Lee
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 437
Email: wui.lee
Qualifications: Master Engineering (Computing), Bachelor of Electronic & Computer Engineering (UNIMAS)

Anli Sherine
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 420
Email: anli.sherine
Qualifications: Master Of Engineering (Computer Science Engineering), Anna University, Bachelor Of Technology (Information Technology), Anna University

Eileen Ong Sing Ling
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 560
Email: eileenong
Qualifications: Master in Business Administration, The University of Southern Queensland, Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Wollongong

Marcella Peter
Position: Lecturer

Extension: 589
Email: marcella
Qualifications: Master of Science (Computer Science), Bachelor of Computer Science (Multimedia Computing)
Research Interest: Computer Vision and Image Processing (Face Analysis and Recognition), Mobile game-based learning

Jackie Ting Tiew Wei
Position: Lecturer
Extension: 590
Email: jackie
Qualifications: Master of Engineering, University College of Technology Sarawak
Research Interest: Computer Vision, 3D Imaging, Image Processing
Affiliation: MBOT, ACS

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