Publications: Journals And Proceedings

  • Year 2017


  1. Tee Hao Wong, Jackson Hian Wui Chang, Fuei Pien Chee, Jedol Dayou. (2017), Effects of String Tension to Fundamental Frequency of Sound and Body Vibration of Sape, Transactions on Science and Technology, Volume 4, No. 4, pp. 431-447.
  2. Soh Kheang Loh, Kah Yein Cheong, Jumat Salimon. 2017. Surface-active physicochemical characteristics of spent bleaching earth on soil-plant interaction and water nutrient uptake: A review. Applied Clay Science 140: 59-65.
  • Year 2016


  1. Dayang Hartijah Abang Ahmad, Moomala Othman and Maryam Jahedi – Capturing Pre-Service Teachers’ Development through Service-Learning (2016)