Research Synopses

Synopses for Master of Science in Business Management, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering, Master of Science in Applied Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Sciences are as below:

1) Research Methodology
This course introduces students to the basic necessity of research which is crucial for any piece of work or idea. The subject scope encompasses research methods, processes and techniques, identification of a problem area for research, formulating a proper research methodology, developing and enhancing tools for experimentation, conducting and managing research and experiments, analyzing findings and outcome statistically, and extensive discussion on prevailing issues in research. Writing a research thesis is also covered in this course. Students are required to present and discuss their assigned readings as well as complete short assignments based on case studies.

2) Proposal Defense
This module provides students a platform to exchange ideas and discuss their topical areas of interest. Students are encouraged to conduct intensive research on a focus area of study. The scope of this module covers techniques on

(i) searching for the right information

(ii) working on ideas, models and methodology

(iii) relating ideas across different disciplines and applications and

(iv) working on proposed/novel methodology, knowledge and resources.

During this course, students are required to present their research proposals as well as to report and discuss their findings.

3) Thesis
The major thesis subject requires students to identify a problem of interest, undertake a comprehensive study of the case and when required, formulate a methodology for experiment. The project proposal shall be developed under supervision of the supervisor and supervisory committee. Students may conduct their research entirely in their registered field of study or may also include other fields of study with the approval of research supervisory committee. Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to demonstrate maturity in their research and to write their thesis in a clear, concise, logical and rigorous manner. Students pursuing the major thesis are expected to demonstrate a high degree of independence, tact and acumen.


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