School of Engineering and Technology Academic Staff & Lab Technician @ Food Technology

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Prof Ir Dr. Mohd Shahril Osman
Position: Dean, School of Engineering & Technology
Extension:   543
Email:  drshahril
Qualifications:  PhD (Loughborough), P.Eng (BEM) FIEM, B.Eng Mechanical (Loughborough)
dr-mohd-sahidDr. Mohd Zahid bin Abidin
Position:  Head of Programme & Associate Professor
Extension:   508
Email:  zahidabidin
Qualifications:  PhD Food Technology (UiTM), MSc Food Technology (USM), BSc Food Technology (USM)
Ts Dr. Hii Siew Ling
Position:  Associate Professor
Extension:   511
Email:  hiisl
Qualifications:  PhD BioProcess Engineering / Fermentation Technology (UPM), MSc Environmental Engineering (UPM), BSc Biotechnology (UPM)
suzy-riniSuzy Rini Ak Gindi
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   506
Email:  suzy
Qualifications: MSc Aquaculture (National Taiwan Ocean Univ), BSc Food Technology & Bioprocess (UMS)
hwong-chia-shingHwong Chia Shing
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  535
Email:  cshwong14
Qualifications:  MSc Clinical Nutrition & Health (Glasgow Caledonian), BSc Nutrition Science (UKM)
ashrafAshraf bin A. Razak
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   418
Email:  ashraf
Qualifications: MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering (Birmingham), B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering (Australia)
ching-lee-fungChing Lee Fung
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   568
Email:  chinglf
Qualifications:  MSc Resource Chemistry (UNIMAS), BSc Analytical Chemistry (UNIMAS)
Nurhayati-Binti--SajaliNurhayatie Binti Sajali
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  553
Email:  nurhayatie
Qualifications:  Master of Science (Medical Microbiology) of Universiti Putra Malaysia,  Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) of Universiti Putra Malaysia
Koh-Chen-ChungKoh Chen Chung
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   417
Email:  koh.chenchung
Qualifications:  Graduate Technologist (Malaysia Board of Technologists), M.Sc. (USM) Food Technology, B.Tech. (USM) Food Technology
Mohd-Sabri-Bin-Mohd-AfandiMohd Sabri Bin Mohd Afandi
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   474
Email:  mohd.sabri
Qualifications:  DUT GCGP (Chemical and Process Engineering), IUT ‘A’ Toulouse, France Master’s Degree (Diplome D’ Ingenieure) (Process Engineering), ENSGTI, Pau France
Mastura-Bt-SaniMastura Bt Sani
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:  550
Email:  mastura
Qualifications:  Master of Science in Biotechnology (UNIMAS), Bachelor Degree (Honors) Resource Biotechnology (UNIMAS)
abdul-fattahAbdul Fattah B. Ab Razak
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   480
Email:  abdul.fattah
Qualifications:  Master of Process Safety & Loss Prevention, UPM, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Hons) Food Technology, UniKL
Mohd Syafiq Bin Abdullah
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   414
Email:  mohdsyafiq
Qualifications:  Bac in Food Science & Technology, UiTM, Master in Food Science, University Malaysia Terengganu
Norhasmillah Binti Abu Hassan
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   561
Email:  norhasmillah
Qualifications:  Master of Science Environmental Chemistry of UPM, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Industrial Chemistry, UPM
Farah Syahirah Binti Abdul Shukri
Position:  Lecturer
Extension:   581
Email:  farah.syahirah   
Qualifications:  Master of Science (Food Technology) , Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Bachelor of Science, UPM
Nasihah Binti Mokhtar
Position: Lecturer
Extension:   422
Email: nasihah 
QualificationsBSc. of Plant Resources Sc. and Management, UNIMAS, MSc. of Natural Resources, UMK
Mohammad Hafsanjani Bin Salleh
Position: Lecturer
Extension:   581
Email: mohd.hafsanjani
Qualifications: Master of Food Technology, UCTS, Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

micholasMicholas Anak Lembang
Position:  Assistant Lab Technologist
Extension:   571
Email:  micholas
Qualifications:  Diploma In Medical Lab Technology, Ptpl Kuching
Afizah Binti Razali
Position:  Assistant Lab Technologist
Extension:   574
Email:  afizah  
Qualifications:  SKM Tahap 1,2,3 Lanjutan Teknologi Makanan , IKBN Miri