Survey Camp 2018

Date: 9th – 12th July 2018

Venue: Kem Belia Kemuyang, Sibu

Survey camp is organised for the civil engineering students to have exposure and hands-on experience on the actual land surveying works in the industry. Within a period of several days, students are given a site with unique topographic features to carry out a series of surveying tasks, which includes levelling, contouring, traversing and tacheometry. Students are trained to

(a) plan and execute projects,
(b) handle surveying tools and equipment,
(c) coordinate people and work in a team,
(d) analyse problems,
(e) propose solutions, and
(d) complete, conclude and present the project.


  • To give students an opportunity to improve theoretical and practical knowledge in engineering surveying under actual field conditions.
  • To develop self-confidence so that students can do their work independently by solving the field problems during survey works.
  • To familiarize in handling different survey instruments.
  • To develop self-discipline, leadership, interpersonal skills, and team works among the students as surveying is not a single person work which indirectly can enhance their academic development.
Group photo of Survey Camp 7/2018 with coordinator, technicians and students
Levelling: The dumpy level or automatic level was shifted to another point by following the checkpoint that set in the given landscape plan
Traverse 1: The total station and prism (Point A) was set up. The initial bearing were set to 0º0´00´´
Traverse 2: The prism was set to another point (Point B) which was visible by the total station and from the 0º angle the total station was rotated clockwise towards the prism (Point B).
Contour: The auto level, staff, chain, ranging rods, and a supply of pegs were used together with a theodolite for setting out the right angles.