Laboratories and Classrooms

List of classrooms, labs and facilities in School of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering (CE) Labs

1. Concrete Lab

2. Environmental And Waste Water Lab

3. Highway And Traffic Lab

4. Hydraulic Lab

5. Light Structure Lab

6. Soil And Geotechnic Lab

7. Survey Lab

Electrical and Electronic (EE) Labs

1. Electrical Lab

2. Electronic Lab

3. Control And Automation Lab

4. Communication System Lab

5. Power Systems Lab

Food Technology (FT) Labs

1. Food Analysis Lab

2. Food Microbiology Lab

3. Food Packaging Lab

4. Food Processing Lab

5. Food Sensory Lab

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Labs

1. Cadcam Lab

2. Fluid Lab

3. Material Lab

4. Metrology Lab

5. Static & Dynamic Lab

6. Workshop

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