Research Areas

Research and Development Opportunity

School of Engineering and Technology is focusing on the following broad areas of research and development which would have direct impact on the SCORE initiatives, relevant industries, and enhancing the current technology and knowledge.

  •  Civil Engineering Related Research Areas

i) Green Technology – recycle materials, utilization of palm oil wastes, rain water harvesting, sewerage system for low-land, swampy areas, environmental impacts on infrastructure facilities

ii) Construction Engineering – construction on peat, geohydrology, road and highways construction and maintenance technology

iii) Water and Wastewater engineering – including planning, treatment and management of water resources and wastewater.

iv) Timber technology – Since 1960s, Sarawak State Government has embarked on the reforestation research program.  Since then more than 1700 fast growing exotic tropical hardwood species have been planted.  The need to assess the engineering properties of these species is inevitable.  Besides that, Sarawak is also facing problem of disposal of wood wastes from timber sawmills.

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Related Research Areas

i) Marine and Shipbuilding Technology focusing on navigation electronics, communication, power system and conversion

ii) Smart Grid and Renewable Energy encompasses the power optimization,  efficiency, and alternative energy

  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Related Research Areas

i) Materials and High Volume Production focusing on new industrialize materials and production technology

ii) Marine focusing on ship fabrication design

  • Food Technology Related Research Areas

i) Food safety, halal Food, food microbiology & biotechnology, food chemistry/ biochemistry, sensory evaluation, and food processing