Research Projects

The following research projects are funded by UCTS short term research grants.

  1. Design and Development of Micro Hydro Turbine for Green Energy Extraction
  1. Design and Development of a Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Device
  1. Prototype Development of Modular Designed Lower-Limb Pediatric Robot for Exercise and Rehabilitation
  1. A device to provide safety for high voltage switch gear switching personnel
  1. To study the feasibility of high voltage power transmission using bare copper cable suspended within carbon steel pipes suspended with ceramic insulators
  1. Water Supply for Kampung Abit, Balai Ringin
  1. A Detailed Analysed of Electical Power Generation using Synchronous and Asynchronous Motor
  1. Human Physiology Motion Bi-Modal Biometric System
  1. Determination of Total Ginsenosides in Panax Capsule using Spectrophotometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  1. Preliminary Development of Meat Admixture Detection of Meat spp Multiplex Real Time PCR enhanced Taqman Probe
  1. Comparative Performance Analysis of Hybrid System Applied in Maritime Tugboat-in Energy/Fuel Efficiency and ROI perspective
  1. Evaluation of the long-term variations in stream flow regime over a 50-year period of Rajang River basin
  1. Jam from the “Belimbing Hutan” (Baccaruea angulata) fruit skin
  1. Feasibility Study of the Design and Fabrication of Ohmic Heating (OH) Equipment in Food Sterilization and Food Essences Extraction
  1. Investigation of Potential Hybrid Bio-Filler for Concrete Supplementary
  1. Novel Quantum-inspired Lighting Search Algorithm for Optimal Photovoltaic Distributed Generation Placement
  1. Improvement of the Efficiency of Silicon-based Solar Panel with Cooling Technology at UCTS, Sibu
  1. Power Quality Comparison between Various Types of Renewable Energy
  1. Organic and Inorganic Contaminants Removal from Rajang River Water (Sibu Downstream) using Physico-Chemical Process
  1. Concentration of Pineapple Juice by a Locally Designed and Fabricated Reverse Osmosis System
  1. Performance of Oil Plam EFB Fibre on the Sand-Cement Brick
  1. Effects of Silica Fume on the Properties of Concrete
  1. Convective Transport of Nanofluid in Porous Microchannel Heat Sinks
  1. Cracking Mechanism in Durable Steel Fiber Reinforced Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Modified Concrete (SFRPMC)
  1. The Engineering Properties and The Effect of Geogrid on Peat in Sibu, Sarawak
  1. Sibu Peat Stabilization using Acrylic Copolymer Admixture
  1. Application of Photocatalytic Nanoballs in Paint as Self-Cleaning Surface of UCTS Exterior Walls
  1. A Conceptual Study of Extraterrestrial Connectivity Infrastructure in Restructuring the Future of Malaysia’s Telecommunications
  1. Production of Activated Carbon from Palm Kernel Shell by Microwave induced Pyrolysis
  1. Heterogeneous Catalyst – Preparation and application in Biodiesel Transesterification of Palm Oil Mill Effluent
  1. Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) for Dengue Mosquitoes Control
  1. Investigate the Effects of Local (Sarawak) Aggregate in Optimizing the Mix Design for the Permeable Concrete
  1. Predict the Characteristics of Metals Based to Vibration Wave Analysis: Vibration Mechanical Properties Math Model (Vibmp)
  1. Experimental and Mathematical Modelling of Geotextile Reinforced Sarawak Peaty Soil
  1. Real Time Health Monitoring System For Elderly With Body Sensor
  1. Mechanical Properties Of Natural Fiber (Sago Residues) Reinforced Urea Formaldehyde Resin Composite