Design and Development of a Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Device

Project Title: Design and Development of a Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Device

Source of Fund: UCTS University Research Grant

Research ID: UCTS/RESEARCH/4/2017/02

Amount: MYR20,000

Research Team: Dr. Lee Man Djun (Project Leader), Dr. Prashobh Karunakaran, Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Shahril Osman

Duration of Project: 1/12/2017 – 30/1/2019

Research Summary: Wave energy is a promising source of renewable energy to meet rapid growing demand for energy. Even though wave energy technologies are in its infancy, this industry is getting more attention due to factors such as highest energy density among other renewable energy sources, less negative impact to the environment, and predictable. Being surrounded by sea granted Malaysia access to such renewable energy. Previous study shows Sarawak costal region which is close to South East China Sea has the potential to extract high energy content from sea wave. However, extracting wave energy has been one of the most challenging part since the harnessing technology are still in developing stage. In this aspect, this study intends to fill the gap in by designing, developing and optimizing a WEC to be fit for use in Sarawak coastal region. This study will start with conceptual designing of the WEC by using CAD and findings from literature review. Rapid prototyping of the design will be done by using 3D Printer. The prototype then be tested for functionality and performance will be recorded. Attempt to modify the design for the purpose of optimization will be carried out. The final design of the study would be useful for supplying energy to power appliances for daily use in remote areas or islands. The proposed research fills gap in the current design and optimization of WEC. Through experiment and prototype development and attempt in optimization, the outcome of this study will definitely add knowledge in the current domain of wave energy engineering. This study can be applied to actual application in which attract interest for power generation of remote area and island without access to power grid.