Effects of Silica Fume on the Properties of Concrete

dr-lingProject Title:  Effects of Silica Fume on the Properties of Concrete

Research ID:  1/2016/02

Principal Researcher:  Dr. Ling Jen Hua

Co-Researchers:  Leong Wen Kam, Ir. Sia How Teck, Euniza ak Jusli

Project Start Date:  3/1/2016

Duration of Project:  24 months

Research Summary:  Silica fume is a by-product of the production of manganese and ferrosilicon alloy by OM Material (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. which is based at Samalaju, Bintulu.  Silica fume can pollute the environment and is harmful to human health.  Due to the strict enforcement of air pollution, measures are designed to stop it from being released into the atmosphere.  It is also forbade by the national solid waste department (JPSPN) to directly dispose silica fume to the environment.  For this, the industry is desperately seeking for ways to get rid of it.

Silica fume could be used to partially substitute cement in concrete. While reducing the consumption of cement, which the production emits a mass volume of greenhouse agents, CO2, it increases the strength and durability of the connection. To date, there is no reported health-related problems associated with the use of silica fume concrete.  This could be one of the solutions to the environmental problems.

This research studies the feasibility of using the silica fume by-product produced by the company and determines the appropriate mix proportions to produce silica fume concrete to produce the intended strength.