Experimental and Mathematical Modelling of Geotextile Reinforced Sarawak Peaty Soil

dr-ali-abdulProject Title:  Experimental and Mathematical Modelling of Geotextile Reinforced Sarawak Peaty Soil

Research ID:  3/2014/02

Principal Researcher:  Dr Ali Abdul-Wadoud Mahmood

Co-Researcher:  Dr. Mazizah Ezdiani

Project Start Date:  8/1/2014

Duration of Project:  24 months

Research Summary:  Peat soil is soil that contains a large percentage of organic matter (peat).  These soil is ubiquitous in Sarawak.  Constructing structures on these soil is more problematic due to their lower shear strength, high compressibility, high water content, and relative to typical inorganic soil.  A research study is proposed here whereby a model geosynthetic-reinforced soil section will be constructed with a monotonic loading piston at 1/4 scale with a data logging system and a video camera to measure the soil stresses and strains and evaluate the loading mechanism and angles of deformation of the geosynthetic.  The objective is to determine the optimum configuration of the geotextile – subbase in unpaved roads built over peat subgrade and to devise a mathematical model related to the stress-strain behaviour of the highly organic and peaty Sarawak soil.  This model will be a design tool for engineers working in the field of construction to predict stresses and strains, without having to go through the laborious laboratory testing procedure.  Since there is no mathematical model, as of date, that relates to the stress-strain behaviour for organic soil, this model will also be the basis for international development and experimental applications.