Human Physiology Motion Bi-Modal Biometric System

dr-yongProject Title: Human Physiology Motion Bi-Modal Biometric System

Research ID: 4/2016/14

Principal Researcher: Dr. Yong Ching Yee

Co-Researchers: Dr. A. Razak Yaacob

Project Start Date: 12/1/2016

Duration of Project: 24 months

Research Summary: Brain of each human being is completely unique. Its structure is highly influenced not only by our DNA but also by everything we experience in our life. We can find people even with same DNA but life story is something that cannot be duplicated. So brain activity is unique biometric every person has. And such biometrics are used in access control systems when security needed. A challenging research issue and one that has been of growing importance to those working in human-computer interaction is to endow a machine with a motion intelligence. This project presents the framework of a special session that aims at investigating the best possible techniques for multimodal motion recognition, authentication and expressivity analysis in human-computer interaction, based on a common physiological background. The session mainly deals with statistical signal and visual motion analysis, with physiological signal analysis serving as supplementary to these modalities. This project relates to the development of human monitoring and authentication system to investigate human motion and behavior. Signals are captured from different aspects through physiological, visual, and body gestures. The signals will go through a noise elimination process to extract a better feature signal. The psychological background will be studied to obtain good signal.