Jam from the “Belimbing Hutan” (Baccaruea angulata) fruit skin

suzy-riniProject Title:  Jam from the “Belimbing Hutan” (Baccaruea angulata) fruit skin

Research ID:  2/2016/08

Principal Researcher:  Suzy Rini ak Gindi  

Co-Researchers:  Dr Hii Siew Ling

Project Start Date:  6/1/2016

Duration of Project:  24 months

Research Summary:  The purpose of this research is to produce a new product from unwanted part (skin) of Baccaurea angulata fruits.  The skin of this fruit will be used because it makes up the largest percentage (69.28 ± 0.95%) of the whole fruit to prevent a big waste (Idris et. al, 2014).  Skin from Baccaurea angulata will be optimized by using it to produce jam.  Jam is one of many ways to preserve fruits and/or vegetables by using sugar. For a better spread characteristic, jam will be added with pectin. To determine the nutrition value of the Baccaurea angulata skin jam, proximate analysis will be done. The proximate analysis will be analysed using Association of Official Agricultural Chemist’s (AOAC) official methods of analysis. The nutrition content analysis include moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin C and energy. The Baccaurea angulata skin jam contain high 260 to 210 kcal energy, moisture, and carbohydrate. Sensory evaluation will be done to determine its acceptability or otherwise.  Exploration on making a new product from the fruit skin is going to bring a lot of advantages because the fruits can be fully utilized.