Final Year Project (FYP) Exhibition

Date:   4th June, 2018 (Monday)

The School of Engineering (SET) had organised a one day FYP exhibition starting from 9.00 a.m. until noon and it was held at UCTS campus.  It was to showcase the individual projects undertaken by the graduating students from all programmes under SET.  Students from School of Computing (SOC) also participated in this exhibition.  Out of the total number of 66 participants, 47 students were from SET and the other 19 students were from SOC.  A group of lecturers was assigned to each of their respective students to evaluate their students’ projects and award fair marks to the research works exhibited.

Scope of project evaluation included:

  • Organization of the research project
  • Student’s communication skills
  • Statement of the problem in which the research intended to solve
  • Methodology, implementation mechanism, analysis and validation
  • Relevance of the research work to the community and its industrial application


  • To help students to enhance their presentation skills
  • To develop students’ self-confidence in presenting their researches or works
  • The works showed the students’ abilities to come out with correct and relevant result or outcome suited with their individual projects research objectives.